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Jodi Watkins

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In 2019, I embarked on a journey like I never could have imagined. I realized that no matter how much I thought I was in control, I truly wasn't. I hit a brick wall. It felt like everything was just crashing in. What I realized is that even though God was always with me, I wasn't truly with Him. I was a sinner. I failed at so many things. I didn't show up for others like I wanted to. All along, all I had to do was submit. In everything I do, I share the experiences I went through with others. My journey began before I made the decision to get baptized again. It began the day I finally dropped to my knees and submitted my life to the Lord. I got baptized a couple months later and began the renewal phase. I am perfectly imperfect. I am flawed and I have things about myself I am not proud of. Nevertheless, knowing God isn't judging any of us gives me more internally than I have ever had. I no longer have to rely on myself and neither do you. This group is for anyone who is ready to embark on a journey of renewal. Once we move out the way and allow God into our lives wholly, we are able to become amazed at the path He will lead us down. While I felt compelled to start a ministry quite some time ago, I didn't feel confident enough in my own journey with the Lord to actually do it. Here's what I can say about that: just as I do with my health and life coaching, the Lord meets me where I am and gives me exactly what I need. This is a ministry. It's not a place where you have to be perfect. It's a place where you are free to come as you are. You can worship with us and pray with us. You can have us pray for you. This is a safe place and we put faith over fear each and every day. This is a place where faith-based entrepreneurs can come and share experiences. This is a place where we support and grow one another through what the Lord has given us. This is not a place for pride and ego. This is a place for transparency and vulnerability. This is a place where God will take you and transform you if you allow Him to. This is where you belong. Thank you for being here.

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Welcome! This is a group that has been on my heart for so long. I kept asking myself, "who am I to start something like this?" But the more women who came into my life, I just knew this is where I am meant to be. I ask that if you are strong in your faith, you allow that strength to help me encourage the other women who come to this group as someone who may not be as spiritually strong. I ask that you keep ME lifted and allow me to do what I can through Christ who strengthens me. We are all beautifully and wonderfully made in His eyes and we are all His children. We are here as a community of Sisters who, together, are stronger and more able to do more. Let's not rely on ourselves, but on the strength that only a relationship with Him is able to provide. Let's not be weary in times of fear, but lean on one another to help us stay focused on our faith journey...together. God bless! 

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Your Sister in Christ, 

Jodi Watkins

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