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Bible Questions #1 - What is Truth?

Categories: Bible Study, Christian Living

According to the bible, Pilate's question in John 18:38 will be a question we will all have to answer one day!

Background Information:

When Pilate was deciding Jesus' fate, they entered into this dialogue with one another where Jesus said that He had "come into the world to testify to the truth". Pilate then responded, "What is truth?" Unfortunately, he didn't give Jesus time to answer his question, If he had of, I wonder if it would have changed any of the events that followed.

Experience Information:

By and large, the American culture has been and continues to advance the idea that truth is relative. In other words, what's true for me is not necessarily true for you and vice versa. Jesus, however, (in John 18 and elsewhere) seemed to point to a single standard of truth. I'm curious to know what the Convene Christian community thinks.