A Gay Christian-Is it possible???
by Amanda

First of all, how did I come to accept that I was gay? 

I was raised in a Christian household. My mother was heavily religious and my father, although not raised with religion, became a Christian as well. We went to church every Sunday as a family and I regularly attended bible study. I loved God, and I knew he loved me. I started to accept my sexual orientation during the summer of my freshman year of High School. Of course I always knew which way I swung, but as a Christian I was told those feelings weren't valid and that I could never pursue something that was supposedly an "abomination". Unfortunately in accepting who I was, I began to fall from God and my regular church routine and prayer. Since everyone told me that being gay was a sin and I was not going to be accepted by God, I believed that I shouldn't worship a God who didn't accept me for who I am.

I went into my sophomore year of High School pursuing theatre. Here, I met the most accepting people I have ever met in my entire life. More accepting and loving than those who claimed to be high and mighty, people loving, God worshiping Christians. Most of them were non-religious. But I could be who I was and I felt more like me than I had ever felt pretending to be someone I wasn't. The way I felt/feel about guys has always been the way straight people feel about the same sex. I had kissed lots of them, and explored, but I never felt anything. It was like kissing your best friend, it just didn't do anything for me. Eventually I openly expressed my interest in girls, pursued them, and then one day I got a girlfriend. Yep! I'm full blown Gay. What I felt for girls is what my mom had always told me I should feel for guys but never did. Sooner or later God called me back and I knew I needed to figure out whether or not I could be gay and still have a relationship with God at all...

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