Eva Maaieh- Childhood Sexual Abuse/Assault and How it still affects you today.
by Brandi Brown

Survivor. Healer. Educator Eva Maaieh is the Director of ReClaim Global, a non-profit organization focused on helping men and women heal from childhood sexual abuse and/or assault.
 Through leadership, intensive programs, and workshops, Eva successfully addresses the emotional trauma and devastation that unprocessed sexual abuse still has on its unfortunate victims. 
As a survivor herself from sexual abuse at eight, thirteen, sixteen, and raped at 19, she not only understands the effects of sexual abuse, she had to overcome them as well. Although her techniques may seem unorthodox, they produce unparalleled results. She is passionate about “healing your inner child” and helping other reclaim their authentic self. With each engagement, Eva takes groups through a range of emotions but ultimately leaves them with both tears of joy and visions of hope. 
Besides being a dynamic speaker, Eva is an award winning Entrepreneur who was recently feature in Forbes Magazine for her work in the field Real Estate and in her community. Her passion led her to spearhead an exclusive program – Homes for Healing; to both raise awareness and help change laws regarding statute of limitations for prosecuting perpetrators.

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