Jennifer Smith- How COVID-19 has affected my business and my life.
by Brandi Brown

Founder and CEO of grassroots organization that provides clothing and other basic essentials to homeless students and students in need.
Former Duval County school teacher that left her 15 year teaching career to pursue her dreams. All while going through her divorce process, raising her two daughters and a sister that was fighting for her life battling cancer. 
Increase in student homelessness inspires Jennifer to start a charity
My why: The struggles and obstacles I went through during my adolescent years has shown me that I can overcome anything if I put my mind to it. My past does not define who I am but continues to teach me things about myself that I am now putting into action as an adult. Working through my childhood trauma is an ongoing process and I recognized that starting my charity back in 2016 was the beginning of my healing process. Life does not always go as planned, but that is ok. I knew I needed to help youth on a much larger scale. My teaching career opened my eyes to the affect’s poverty had on our youth. It was time to go beyond the four walls of my classroom.

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