Grace Holden- "Dirty Little Secrets" The Silence End
by Brandi Brown

Grace spills the tea on “Dirty” little secrets most of us walk around with in silence. Silence is a mask that will rot if you wear it too long.
Have you buried secrets, trauma, pain in your life in order to continue to present to the world that all is well? Grace lays her scars bare for the world in order for your silent voice to be heard through her Dirty exposure.

Are you ready to get rid of your “public” face and deal with the real person you look at in the mirror everyday? Are you ready to be free of the dirt and scum that lingers around and shows up when you least expect it? Have you or a loved one been bullied, raped, molested, beaten, verbally abused or forced to perform sexual acts you didn’t approve of but remained silent? Are you full of confidence but silently have a low self esteem? Ready to go from being a victim to being a victor? Do you need to forgive, but don’t know where to begin?
Let's talk about these dirty little secrets and look at how to you are Grace To Overcome them! Learn how I had to overcome the mental anguish, fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence, failure thoughts and replace them with the “I am not stupid” “I’m smart” “I am not nothing, I am somebody special” I thunk my way out of mental anguish. I hoped my way out. I fell in love with myself – You have to, God wants you to love you and be whole.

Grace L. Holden is a largely versed, passion-driven Executive Coach, Speaker, Strategist, and seasoned Entrepreneur who is best known for her many strides helping individuals and businesses record impressive growth patterns and attain huge successes by affording them effective consultancy services, proper leadership training and viable management strategies and a Non-profit consultant.
Grace L. Holden joined The Elite Foundation Board in 2018 (an anti-Human Trafficking foundation) after volunteering with them previously. Ms. Holden throughout the span of over two decades, has held senior management positions such as VP of Training & Development with leading corporations and consultancies. She has a proven track record both at an operating and advisory level as a project manager, covering project and financial evaluations to strategic planning, Leadership Consulting and assessment, in the for profit private sector and non-profit sectors. Recently, Ms. Holden has joined the United Against Human Trafficking Coalition in Texas and volunteers to lead survivors. Grace is a World Renowned and highly requested Thriving Survivor Speaker; which is a major passion of hers. Ms. Holden has held numerous board positions with non-profit organizations, such as Chair of Solid Rock, Board Secretary for the Las Vegas based Back 2Basics, served as (and currently) a Committee member of March of Dimes Houston, and is the CEO of 3 thriving businesses Real Champions League, LLC and Blue Print For The CEO, LLC, Real Champions League and Partner to Champions Speakers Institute. Ms. Holden recently launched Graced to Overcome a community of surviving overcomers; who come together to share their stories of success, lessons learned through overcoming and promote healthy social messaging about overcoming trauma such as Human Trafficking, molestation, rape, domestic violence. Ms. Holden’s unwavering sense of dedication and no-nonsense approach have earned her the reputation as a down to earth strategist in the business space and a loving caring, counselor and coach.

Ms. Holden undergraduate studies is Communication/Journalism, with a minor in Business and after graduating she continued to pursue 2 additional Master Degrees in Human Services and Counseling. She has been an ordained minister for 20 years.
Grace is a Mother of 5, a Best-Selling Author (She has written 3 books) and is a new Philanthropist. She is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach & Trainer and has shared multiple platforms as a Key Note Speaker

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