Come and Fill My Heart with You
by Eugene Brown Jr

One of the hardest things I've had to do in my life was watch my mother die. In fact, I was also the one to make that decision as her power of attorney. But it was oddly enough one of the easiest made out of love and kindness. I would have never expected that it would all end this way and at the young age of just 58. A child will never really know the details of a parents life. They don't know the back stories. Sometimes they don't even know them really at all. But sometimes, when they look close enough, maybe ask the right questions, they get a glimpse into the life of someone they have always called mom. I will never be able thank her enough. I was happy that God allowed me to look at her beautiful smile one more time. The pain that follows from her death and exists to this day is one that on occasion results in a flood of emotion and tears. And reminds me that I am still human which is a story for another day. Here is my experience.

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